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Brazil Nossa Senhora returns

NossaThis week's restock was mostly refilling our current offerings, but we managed to squeeze another bag in the order, bringing back one of our favorite Brazilian coffees:

Brazil Nossa Senhora de Fatima Organic & Fair Trade: One of the finest Brazilian coffees we've ever had and this year's crop is no exception. It's got a creamy body and low acidity with notes of dark chocolate, cherry and peanuts. Surprisingly balanced for a natural processed coffee, this big, bold cup will not disappoint! We also love to mix it into espresso blends to add nutty, smooth richness.

We also restocked India Monsooned Malabar, Guatemala Huehuetenango El Injertal and Nicaragua Paraiso Organic!

3 New Central American Coffees

montecrisol2The theme for new coffee day today is Central America! 

Guatemala Huehuetenango SHB Organic & Fair Trade: A classic powerhouse Guatemala Huehuetenango, in Organic and Fair Trade! Big, bold body and complex flavors with a buttery smooth finish. This years' crop has notes of dark chocolate, cherry and caramel. Fans of Guatemalan coffee will love this fan favorite!

Costa Rica Monte Crisol West Valley: Just in time for hot weather, we brought back this crisp, refreshing coffee from one of our favorite producers. A bit more complex and nutty than most Costa Rican coffees, this one still has that light to medium body that we have come to expect. It's got big notes of lemon zest with a hint of sweet cocoa powder and a dry, slightly nutty finish

Nicaragua Jinotega Paraiso Organic: This delicious, creamy coffee is what we call a "crowd-pleaser" because it's got everything folks look for in a great cup of coffee. With a rich, warm body and smooth, creamy finish, this coffee is a hit with everyone and roasts well at all levels. We found notes of dark chocolate, caramel and almond.

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